How do you make movies without breaking the bank?

You want to get people’s attention with a good story, that is a good thing, but if you want to get a people’s attention without becoming poor, your good story had better come with less production budget. This budget is something to take into consideration if you are just starting out.

Making movies is an expensive venture, but with the right plan, you can make a captivating movie without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at a couple of Nigerian movies that sold big on a small budget.

One of such Nigerian movie is THE VISIT.

You can make a good movie out of a one or two locations, and four-character story like THE VISIT, but there are some commas. If you must make a movie for the sake of it, go ahead and make one, however, if you want to make a low budget movie that will capture people’s attention and still get you awards, then take note of these five points:

  1. Be sure that you have a good story. No, strike that. Be sure you have a great, mind-blowing, hilarious or straight up daring story. If your story is not captivating, trust me, more than half your potential viewers will tune away from your movie.
  2. Pick out the right actors to fill in the character archetype.
  3. You can choose to incorporate establishing shots or just do the EXT. SAME LOCATION thing. Cutting off occasionally or introducing a new element or character always brings in a new picture for a change.
    Keep the drama and action coming.
  4. Establish the story from the go, and keep going. SLOW MOTIONS had better be necessary. Don’t add unnecessary pauses and soundtracks. Take out anything that is unnecessary, we are not in the 90s. Nobody has the time to watch anything slow or boring.
  5. You can turn one location into a lot of locations. It all depends on who is telling the story and how you want to see it in the end. More than one location is a little more tricky. You would have to look for a different location or make a few locations look like they are a lot of different places, i.e shoot from different parts of the same place. If you don’t want to go for this option, you might want to change and fix these locations b y either changing the background, tweaking decors or changing some locations to EXT. STREET or simpler scenes to prevent issues.

Who would have thought that Nigerians would love to watch a movie with four characters in one location? The Visit had most Nigerian movie lovers glued to the screen, laughing at Baba Shagwell misfortunes, his wife’s playful antics, and their pretentious neighbors.

Low budget movies and short films are not undoable. You can make a good movie without 60 million. If you can pack all the good stuffs into your story, you are sure to blow big time. Make it funny, thrilling or very dramatic. Concept wise, keep the drama flowing, and you are sure to make a huge deal out of your very low budget movie.

Mr & Mrs, featuring Nse Ikpe-Etim was largely a low budget movie in a way, but it was good. Low budget movies are lovely movies with limited locations and limited casts. When they are well scripted, well planned, and well executed, they make sense, and they are also less expensive and less stressful to set up and shoot. They save everybody time and stress. Low budget movies are the best. Your low budget movie could be made if you have a good story, a sensible cinematographer, great actors, captivating sound, and one to five locations.

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