Artistes I produced beats for, now act like I’m looking for hype and publicity -Ball J-

Ghanaian rapper and record producer, Albert Ayeh-Hanson, popularly known by his stage name, Ball J has expressed disappointment over other artistes’ lack of support for his newly found rap career.

According to him, he has helped many of these artistes by producing good beats for their songs as well as promoting them. 

“I am more into mastering of music for other artistes. These were people I produced for to get hits, now that I am full time and getting into music, my relationship between them is bad,” he said. 

He made the statement in an interview with YFM’s Rev. Erskine earlier today, March 15, 2020.

He stated that now he has decided to pursue music full time, the ‘big artistes’ in the industry act like he is looking for publicity.

They act like they don’t know you, they act like you are trying to look for hype. The other ones that got to the level where they are, they got a big fan base now, when you talk they say you are looking for hype. I’m not playing around,” he said.

He also said that he felt really good after Shatta Wale commended his works on ‘Lullaby’, his diss track to Sarkodie.

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