About Us

ZOKE tv is an Entertainment Agency and media company registered and based in Nigeria.

We are poised to redefine entertainment and give our viewers, fans and followers a new dimension of virtual reality. Our aim is simply to bring all of the perks of entertainment closer to individuals, to light up their day and keep the feel-good vibe constantly on the high. We put in effort to make sure that our content is top notch; whether it is trends, movies, comedy, infotainment, showbiz, talent shows, performances, just name it.


To become the foremost web based entertainment and media agency that projects Culture and Humanity through entertainment and the utilization of rising talent.


We are poised to raise international awareness of our Cultural diversity by channeling and engaging every medium of entertainment at our disposal to produce premium content of various genres, as well as top notch interpretation of creative ideas by actors/actresses we could classify as rising talent.



ZOKE tv encourages creativity in whatever capacity and in any form. We do this by giving equal chances to persons who are interested in showcasing what they have to the world through auditions, regular talent shows and talent hunt programs. We believe that there are still so many untapped talents waiting for the spotlight, and we are keen on providing a platform to help bring these upcoming stars to limelight.


We are not only interested in mindless entertainment, but we also strive to inform and educate our viewers, fans and followers about norms, cultural diversities, trends, and societal issues as they affect our coexistence. We take advantage of the digital infrastructure currently at our disposal to source for, and produce content that not only entertains, but also informs, educates, and adds value to anyone who engages with it.


At ZOKE tv, we are interested in the history and cultural diversity of the African people. We strive to preserve culture by unearthing long lost heritage sites and bringing information about them to our viewers and followers through well researched documentaries and blog articles, top notch and well interpreted epic movies about real people and events in history, and Culture/Art displays of different categories. We also seek out tourist attractions and places of interest, then we bring videos and information about them to further promote our unique cultural heritage and also satisfy our followers’ hunger for adventure.

Connect with us, and reach out to us for more information or inquiry about our projects, activities and sponsorship information.

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